Yumboes are a small, fae-like people from Wolof myth.

Appearance Edit

Standing at only two feet tall, yumboes have translucent, pearly-white skin and silvery hair. They wear the same clothing styles of the humans nearby and imitate their actions.

Behaviour Edit

Though they are known to steal from humans, these creatures are generally benevolent and protective. Some say they are even the souls of deceased friends. They will attach themselves to particular families, which they will protect and care for. If one of the family members dies, they will console the living, mourn the dead, and dance on their graves. The dancing is most likely not a disrespectful act due to cultural connotations.

Yumboes are hospitable to both natives and foreigners, and they may invite others to stay the night in their underground homes beneath the Paps hills. Their homes are richly furnished and extravagant with multiple floors, though they lack stairs. They feast on massive tables served by largely invisible servants, whose hands and feet are only seen. At night, they would come out to dance beneath the moon.

They dine on corn, which they steal from humans, and fish, which they catch themselves. They also take fire from human settlements, but only what they need to cook their food, and no more. When stealing corn, they either take it by themselves or carry it in a row back to their homes in a conveyor belt fashion. They are also known to bury palm wine until it ferments, then drink it until intoxicated. They then beat on their drums and make loud, disruptive noises.