The nuppeppō is a Japanese yokai.

Appearance Edit

One of the more curious creatures of Japanese mythology, the nuppeppō is a blob of flesh that stands about 1.5 meters high. Vague impressions of a face form from the flabs of skin on its body, but it lacks a head. Stumpy limbs sprout from its sides, which end in suggested fingers and toes. It gives off an unbearable stench, like rotting meat. Some suggest it may actually be rotting meat, or even the pieced-together remains of numerous human corpses. Another theory is that it is the result of an inexperienced shapeshifter, such as a tanuki.

Behaviour Edit

These creatures are generally calm and docile and may not even take notice of humans. However, in some cases they seem to enjoy the havoc they can wreak with their odor, and purposely disgusting as many people as possible. They only ever come out of night, most often near abandoned buildings towards the end of the year. However, sightings of them are rare and captured nuppeppō are even more so. Despite their clumsy appearance, they are swift and elusive. If caught, their flesh has interesting properties as long as the consumer can stomach it. It will give all who eat it incredible power, and also has panacean properties.