Missinakᵘ is the Innu word for turtle. In Innu traditions, Missinakᵘ is one of the animal masters who controls aquatic animals.

It should be noted that the Innu people have their own system of classification for animals, and so Missinakᵘ only controls animals that are aquatic for the purposes of their taxonomy (such as seals, otters, beavers, and fish). Uenitshikumishiteu, despite being categorized as a malevolent or vermin animal rather than in any aquatic category, falls under Missinakᵘ's domain.

It's said that when the caribou came to the river to drink, Missinakᵘ sent an otter to go into the caribou, and so now you can see otter tracks near the biggest artery in a caribou's heart.[1]

After great famines, Missinakᵘ is the one who helps the Innu people return to market. Because of this, there is a shelter for native women and children in Quebec named after this being.[2]

References Edit

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