Our journey to become the most comprehensive source on mythical creatures is sometimes blocked by access to resources. Here are some things we need help finding!


These are books and other citeable sources that we know contain valuable information, but don't have access to. If you can find them, please either share them with us or edit pages with more info!

  • Chilhue, Tierra de Gaviotas: Mitos, Leyendas y Relatos, by Antonio Cárdenas Tabies (Puyo, also has a section on Carbuncle)
  • Nature Parade: The Private Lives of Animals, by Frank W Lane (Mngwa)
  • Yupik Lore: Oral Traditions of an Eskimo People, by Edward Tennant and Joseph Bitar (Akhlut)


The following pages are lacking proper illustrations. While traditional/cultural artwork and sculptures get priority, we also accept artist submissions based on our pages!