The gulon is a fantastical account of the wolverine from Scandinavian legend.

Appearance Edit

These creatures are described as hybrids of several animals. They are the size of a dog, but have the ears and face of a cat's and the tail of a fox. They have sharp claws and teeth and are covered with shaggy, brown fur used to make hats. Alternatively, it has been described as a cross between a lion and a hyena.

Behaviour Edit

Gulon are famed for their voracious appetites and bizarre eating habits. They will kill prey much larger than themselves, then gorge themselves until they can eat no more. After they have eaten their fill, they will find two trees growing near each other and force themselves between them, thus forcing their meal out of their bodies. They will then go back to the carcass and repeat this until all the meat is gone.

While gulon flesh is understandably avoided, hunters will kill these creatures while they are stuck between trees in order to harvest their fur and blood. Mixed with honey, the latter is a powerful aphrodisiac. Ironically, it is usually served at weddings.