The amikuk is a bizarre creature from Yupik myth.

Appearance Edit

The most common description of an amikuk says that they have leathery, slimy skin and no legs. However, they have four, human-like arms, which are long and can stretch wide. Occasionally, they are said to be invisible.

Amikuk masks are usually depicted with a ring of feathers around them. As this is uncommon for Yupik masks, it may suggest a sort of mane or frill. However, this is never included in oral or written depictions of them.

Behaviour Edit

The most consistent description of the amikuk states that they mostly live in the water, but can swim through the earth just as easily, leaving no holes as though they were digging. However, they make a thumping noise as they swim through land. When an amikuk swims nearby, the ground will start to act more like quicksand, and if a person is holding a walking stick, they may swim up it and into the person's body, weakening them.

While they are not well-known for being carnivorous, they will occasionally eat humans. Usually they will wrap their arms around kayaks and then drag them underwater to eat the people in them. While some will flee to land, once an amikuk has set its sights on someone, they cannot escape it; it will swim through land and water until it catches them. It can also leap through people, which leaves no mark, but kills them instantly.

Amikuk will sometimes make small nests, which they will guard like birds. However, there are no eggs in these nests; just scraps of fur. If a person steals the nest, it will bring them great riches, as anything broken or any scraps will become whole again the day after it is put in. Furs and skins are the most common examples of this, but they can also regenerate things like tools and clothes.

Despite the fact that they do not seem to have their own children, they are associated with childbirth. Some accounts also claim that they can turn into qamulek. The prevailing theory is that amikuk are actually based on octopi.

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